Aight folks, of course, this is way outdated considering our Penang honeymoon trip was last week. Heh. Anyways, henceforth, captions in green are those of Katak while those in purple are Freek's.

Day Two         Day Three        Day Four

Day One:

             We reached Penang on the 6th after a 10-hour coach ride. Made our way to Paradise Sandy Beach Hotel. Nice room! Kaki tangan semuanya sakit!! Confirm this will be the last time we take coach on long journeys. I was pretty much fiddling my hands on the Astro channels provided in the room. Hehe.

             Being on level 13 and overlooking the sea, the view was just so soothing. I think I was already settling down, enjoying the 16-degrees temperature in the room.


              A 10-hour coach ride and I was famished. Erm.. partly, it was also because I couldn't wait to jump on the Delifrance Room Service Menu they had. *grins*. Yummy! Next time must remember to think twice before buying these kinda stuff. 50++ ringgit for the breakfast meal!! What you see in the tray below is all that is. That's only YOUR side of the meal lah. =p

              After the sumptuous meal, freshened up and headed to town centre to change our departure date since we decided to extend the trip. Bought loads of stuff and then stashed them in our hotel room, before heading down to the beach which was just through the hotel's back door. The water didn't look blue as shown in the wall poster but even if it was blue, I wouldn't wanna go down and swim with jellyfishes lurking nearby. Spongebob would love this place I guess - jellyfishing.

             All the retail therapy and sea breeze got us hungry again and so... Actually more like step orang kaya, because you don't do this EVERYDAY in Delifrance@SG. But I got to satisfy my craving for lasagne here :-)


         Dessert!! Dessert!!


               Basically, Day 1 ended with the dessert as we headed back to our room. There's a lighthouse on that small spot of land there in the first picture. I should think the water is quite deep over that area. But yeah, Dy took some scenery pictures and I've decided to juxtapose the night scene with the morning scene of Day Two.

Day Two